MSA Beef

MSA Beef were so pleased with the shoot that a further lifestyle shoot was requested with 4 talent throughout 5 various locations.



  • A side of beef so that 11 aspects of the carcass can be enlarged to A5 each, for grading
  • On white background for deep etching
  • In a cold-room to prevent meat discolouration
  • On medium format gear

Solving the Challenges

  • Shot in working abattoir around workers and moving production line. Health regulation procedures required
  • Minus 6°C conditions, battery-operated gear could not be used
  • Full set-up (inc. lights and tripod) had to be relocated every 6 mins around moving production line
  • Cooling fan kept blowing backdrop
  • Lenses fogged repeatedly in cold-room environment
  • Polaroid tests took 5 mins in cold (Normally take 1.5 mins)
  • Anything in contact with floor became covered in meat fat and blood