4 Day Multi Country Library Shoot


To capture a day in the life of an International Student studying in Canberra, Australia.
Images are to be multi use and to be distributed to the 20 Countries Australia has student offices in.
I am to organise entirely the talent, locations and all areas of production.


  • Talent – finding the appropriate people/demographic/country representation.
  • Location – Sourcing the venues to shoot in and gaining access.
  • Shooting – remembering to NOT shoot: soles of feet, uncovered female shoulders, pointing etc. Sounds fine but… endeavouring to mix up shooting and have people sitting on ground often means soles of feet are showing.

So much to think of when there is a total shooting time of approximately 15minutes per set up

Solving the Challenges

  • Pre-Production – 5 days of great organisation ensured smooth sailing on shoot days. My production team are amazing.
  • Talent – photographed 80+ talent during 4 day shoot.
  • Locations – working in 2hr blocks with 5 talent I used an 8seat Tarago van to zip around the locations.


80+ talent in up to 40 separate locations completing 30+ setups per day. I am so pleased with the images. The whole shoot was fantastic.

Scroll below for a handful of shots.